Life in the Hands of God…

Well… here we are. Back into life, classes, people, homework, practices, obligations, responsibilities and busyness. Reality is truly setting in as I head back to classes and start on new homework such as this blog right here. The second this semester began, my life has seemed so chaotic and scattered… I can hardly keep up! Through it all, The Lord in His marvelous ways is teaching me that busyness is a choice. Instead of constantly striving to keep up with all of the ways of this world, I need to find time to stop, think, reflect, and listen to His voice.

In our culture, we are taught that staying busy, being in a hurry, being successful and getting as much as we can get done in a short amount of time is the goal of life. Of course I have obligations that I must attend to throughout my day, but I really do want to break this stereotype of our culture. I desire to put fewer activities and obligations in my life not that I can be lazy, but so that I can put as much effort into those few things as possible. If I was able to put 100% effort into everything I did in my life, I would in return live a much more efficient life. A psychiatrist named Carl Jung once said,

“Hurry is not of the Devil; it is the Devil.”

In one of my religion classes we are learning the art of meditation. Now to some of us Christians this practice seems very foreign. Meditation is not always some strange religious thing, it is actually just being able to listen to Gods voice and obey it. In this reading by Thomas Merton, I learned more about meditation and being able to stop and listen to God even through the busiest of days.


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