Listening to His Voice

A few posts ago I mentioned something about how God has been telling me to wait. I felt like I needed to drop every commitment I have and just focus on loving and living for Him. Just recently I was offered and incredible internship at a church. It is an awesome experience and a blessing to even be considered. Even though this is great, it leaves me with many questions. Is God testing me to see how much I will wait and depend on Him? Or was this what I was supposed to be waiting on? Am I supposed to be spending all of my time at this church? Or does He just want me to stay focused on what is going on in my life right now?! No, I do not think God is playing tricks on me nor do I think that He is trying to confuse me. However, I do think He is trying to teach me to listen and be able to discern what He actually wants me to do. Until then, I will wait and listen to His voice. 

Listening to the Voice of God is alot like this video. Through all of the noise and craziness, we must focus our attention directly on Him. 

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